Nursing Home Support Team

The Nursing Home Support Team provides residents and staff with face masks and has created a socially-distanced uplifting video to cheer up residents during this especially difficult time.

The elderly population is the highest risk group for developing severe illness from COVID-19. There are over sixteen nursing homes in the Charlottesville community that house dozens, or even hundreds, of elderly residents. To protect this vulnerable population, the Nursing Home Team for the COVID-19 Student Service Corps is working hard to provide these residents and staff with face masks and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We have created two subgroups to accomplish this task: the mask-making and mask-obtaining groups. The mask-makers work from their homes all across the United States, hand-making masks and sending them to nursing homes in the Charlottesville community. The mask-obtaining committee identifies which nursing homes are in the greatest need for PPE, and works with community partners to acquire masks at little to no cost, which they distribute to the nursing homes as well. In addition to distributing face masks, our group also created a socially-distanced uplifting video which we sent out to the residents. We are currently fundraising in order to purchase mask-making supplies and low-cost masks from community partners. This is especially important right now, as two of these nursing homes are dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak. Our goal is to protect this vulnerable population both physically and mentally during these difficult times.

If you have questions about this project, please don’t hesitate to contact project leaders Emily Klein ( and Natalie Axelrod (

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