Operation Gratitude

“Everyone always remembers the doctors and nurses, but they always forget the respiratory therapists. It was so nice to be remembered today”.

CSSC is dedicated to thanking our healthcare workers, and to show our sincerest appreciation, we have begun Operation Gratitude in order to provide health workers with a small gift. Since CSSC was founded in March of 2020, we have successfully made gratitude bags for the 169 Respiratory Therapists at the UVA hospital. Each bag contained an assortment of the following: healthy energizing snacks, gift cards donated by Corner Juice or Boylan Heights, a decorative tea towel from Sarah Klein Collective donated by Gillian Valentine (Santa Cruz, CA), art created by Olivia Decapri, and a message expressing our sincere gratitude for their hard work. Brett Goerl and Taylor Harvey, the dedicated project leaders for Operation Gratitude, are now in the process of creating gratitude bags for 300 custodians working to keep our ED clean and safe. If you wish to support Operation Gratitude and our mission, there is a link to our GoFundMe below. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!

We would also like to say a special thanks to Sanjey Micheal for coming out and taking photos on May 13th for UVa Communications. You can see his photos in the gallery below or in the article written about Operation Gratitude by Whitelaw Reid at the link below.

If you are interested in contributing to this project, you can donate at the link below or email Brett Goerl at bag4ze@virginia.edu.

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