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Join a Mental Health Task Force, NAMI On Grounds

Updated: May 26, 2020

Join NAMI On Grounds! As Carley highlighted in previous blog posts, NAMI On Grounds is an organization dedicated towards uplifting and sharing different perspectives related to mental health. Our organization is a UVA CIO (Contracted Independent Organization) that focuses on advocacy, education, and support work. An integral part of our mission is representing various experiences and to take an intersectional approach to mental health journeys. Read the following if you are interested in learning more about joining NAMI’s team!

Mental health is more important now than ever, and every bit you contribute is important. Help us by designing infographics and providing outreach on social media, fueling our social platforms, helping us manage our finances, and more.

There are so many ways that you can make a difference by joining NAMI’s team. You’ll see a difference in the ways that mental health is discussed on grounds and beyond as well as the kind of networks we form.

  1. Join an ad hoc committee for this summer. Want to brainstorm a marketing approach to promote virtual programs for individuals with lived mental health experience? Email educators across Virginia about these cool opportunities? We especially want to focus on promoting the youth virtual self care & leadership programs. Email namiongrounds@gmail.com with your ideas; the point of this team is to get the word out to as many people as possible about these programs! Part of our goal is to make these sessions as accessible and approachable as possible, so we would also welcome input and ideas for these sessions. For this option specifically, please email namiongrounds@gmail.com with your ideas.

  2. Join a committee for this upcoming year (Fall semester 2020). We are looking for a team to navigate this unusual upcoming year in order to post to our social media, build on our social platforms and advocacy work, and create events. There are no limitations to what these tasks or areas can mean, especially with our heavy reliance on the virtual world for this upcoming year. Fill out our committee application here. There is no deadline attached.

  3. Join our exec for this upcoming year. Apply by June 30th here. Prior experience with NAMI on Grounds is not necessary; we welcome all voices, all backgrounds, and all perspectives.

Feel free to email namiongrounds@gmail.com with any questions you may have!

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