ONE Month of CSSC at UVA

Today is a very special day for two reasons. Today, we get to celebrate all of the wonderful mothers who make this world magical, AND we get to celebrate the ONE month anniversary of CSSC at UVa. On April 10th 2020, Jeannie Taylor, a passionate 4th year at UVa and future medical student, decided to start a chapter of COVID19 Student Service Corps at UVA in order to serve her community and help those suffering as a result of the pandemic. Alongside the oversight committee, Parker Brodsky, Natalie Axelrod, Thomas Stewart, Lauren Xue, Clare Kinsella, and Mariam Syed, Jeannie set straight to work!

Over the past month, CSSC has accomplished incredible things. CSSC has grown to include over 140 active volunteers, 7 service projects, and 5 community partners. Our group has raised $14,400 in donations to benefit our service projects.

Under the guidance of Clare Kinsella and Jasmanet Chachal, the UVa Hospital PPE Support Team has made homemade masks to support UVA Hospital. Brett Goerl, with the help of volunteers, is creating 60 gratitude baskets for the respiratory therapists at UVa hospital that will include $10 gift card to a local restaurant (e.g. Bodos, Corner Juice), a decorative tea towel from Sarah Klein Collective (Santa Cruz, CA), and a small assortment of goodies (e.g. Clif bars, hand lotion, essential oil balms, Burt's Bees chapstick). Lauren Xue, Parker Brodsky, and Maryam Zaher, have led the Food Donation Support Team and partnered with The PB&J Fund and Social Distance Delivery to bring Charlottesville residents better access to essential food resources. The Sin Barreras Support Team leaders, Jeannie Taylor, Emily Noonan, and Maryam Zaher, raised $12,000 in donations and supplies for Sin Barreras families. The Sin Berreras Support Team also created and distributed care packages containing $100 Walmart gift card, toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, masks, feminine supplies, baby wipes, soap, cleaning spray, and diapers. The Haven Support Team leaders Carley Whitt, Jeannie Taylor, and Aisha Naseem have supported the Haven through fund raising a donation drive and are working on helping homeless individuals get temporary housing in hotels. Emily Klein and Natalie Axelrod, leading the Nursing Home Support Team, have collected PPE for nursing homes in Charlottesville, organized letter writing to residents, and created an uplifting video to brighten staff and residents day while they have to spend time isolated from family and friends. The Fundraising Social Media Team, run by Mackenzie Dorsey, Mary Peng , Parker Brodsky, and Thomas Stewart, supports CSSC through fundraising and creating awareness about our service projects through social media. Finally, Carley Whitt and Riley Mitchell have led the Website Design Team in order to create and run the site you are on right now.

For more info on what each team is doing check out the Service Projects Page!

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