Positive Coronavirus Updates: Phase 3 Trials, Cannabinoid-Based Treatment, and Beating COVID Blues

Before I get into this week’s updates, I would like to take a second to address some of the saddening events that have taken place in the last month. There is much to say on the topic and a fellow writer, Lauren Xue, wrote a great piece on this, summing up all that must be said and resources if you would like to get involved in the Black Lives Matter movement—please check it out!

The process of reverting our lives to what they used to be has begun as many regulations have been lifted—people are starting to meet with friends again, eat out at restaurants, and hang out in public places. My own father, the same man who frowned upon me going on my daily run at one point, suggested we go out and have a meal at a Mexican restaurant the other day. Things are changing! But is this change good? Are we working backwards; undoing all the progress we made while locked up in our homes? Are we jeopardizing the potential eradication of this virus? Only time will tell. In the meantime, I come bearing some positive updates!

Phase 3 Clinical Trials

In the race to find a vaccine for coronavirus, the UAE and China have teamed up and made it to Phase 3 clinical trials. Clinical development proceeds in three phases; each phase is characterized with an increasing number of trial vaccinations. The efficacy of the vaccine within the first two phases is confirmed in Phase 3 as a sample size of thousands or tens of thousands of people is utilized. This phase is crucial as it permits the discovery of potential rare side effects. Once the vaccine passes Phase 3, it is ready for large-scale manufacturing. As of right now, many predict a vaccine will be prepared by early 2021, which is a rational estimate as, in addition to UAE and China, University of Oxford has also started Phase 3 clinical trials on its potential vaccine and Moderna, an American company, plans to in July. Read more about the potential vaccines here!

Cannabinoid-Based Treatment

Avicanna Inc has recently partnered with Dr. Christine Allen’s Research Group at the University of Toronto to further their research on a cannabinoid-based treatment for the lung inflammation that is typically associated with coronavirus. The goal is to obtain an appropriate ratio of natural cannabinoids to deliver directly to the lungs as a supplementary treatment to coronavirus patients. This treatment has a large therapeutic potential as it can treat other lung inflammatory-related disease, including asthma. To read more about the treatment and Avicanna click here!

Blues Musicians Sing the COVID Blues Away

From the COVID-19 takedown to dolphins resurfacing, Italy has constantly found its way in the new since coronavirus began its journey. This past Sunday, a group of Blues musicians were spotted taking their creativity on the go—they borrowed four small fishing boats and performed for people on the shore of the largest lake in central Italy, Lake Trasimento! The social-distancing-friendly entertainment successfully served its purpose of raising the spirits of individuals who have been cooped up in their homes for months. Click here if you would like to read more about this uplifting event!




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