Positive Coronavirus Updates: Test Developments, Flamingos, and Unlikely Survivors

As COVID-19 has taken over the news, we are constantly bombarded with statistics and data informing us of the increasing death tolls, children being orphaned, and people losing their jobs. Finding some positive, comforting news can feel like finding a needle in the haystack. But not to fret—I have extracted the needle and am here to present you with some good news!

Antibody Test Approval

On Thursday, May 15, Public Health England approved the Roche test, an antibody test to determine whether people have been infected with coronavirus. This is a big step in the right direction because it can be used as a means of assessing people’s level of immunity to the virus. According to experts, the test gives accurate results 100% of the time for individuals who have been infected and 99.8% of the time for individuals who haven’t. Initially, this test will be available to those working in the NHS and social care settings. Now that the Roche test is underway, many discussions about its implications and uses have been sparked. One of these discussions is centered around health certificates, which will potentially be used to indicate whether people have the antibody or not. To read more about the Roche test, click here.

Flamingos Flocking in Greater Numbers

India is home to some of the most beautiful wildlife on the planet, one of which is the flamingo. Since last year, the number of flamingos in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region have increased by more than 25%! As the world is put on hold to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, wetland destruction and developmental activities have also been paused, allowing these animals to live and thrive peacefully. Take a look at what Hindustan Times has to say.

Strength is not Limited to the Young

As we all know, certain populations are at greater risk during this pandemic; William Lapschies is the exception. The World War II veteran recently celebrated his 104th birthday after having fully recovered from COVID-19, making him one of the oldest-known survivors in the United States. His glowing optimism and infectious cheerfulness make it crystal clear how he was able to survive two world wars: the first being World War II and the second being the war we are fighting against coronavirus. Read more about Lapchies’ story here.

I hope these updates provide you with some solace during this pandemic. I have only listed three, but you can find 67 more here—take a look!





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