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Write & Post about Your Experiences, Reactions, Journeys, & Mental Health for NAMI's Archive Project

Our obstacles during this time are each unique to our experience. At the same time, we imagine building a community through posting the reflections of the Charlottesville and University members, as well as from the greater state of Virginia. Through seeing somewhat similar or dissimilar journeys, we can know that we are not alone.

The Archives Project is a public forum created by NAMI On Grounds and Professor Braun of the history department at UVA. This project intends to create a space where each participant has an ability to contribute (a) piece(s) of writing, and read/interact with other authors on the same website. We welcome posts from anyone, student at UVA or not. The point is to show our journeys, progress, thoughts, and feelings during such a strenuous time.

Pieces can be a journal, a blog, a film, a series of artworks, a short story, poems, haikus. Whatever form of expression suits you and your experience. They can be anonymous, posted under a pseudonym, or just your initials. Whatever allows you to post as you want.

To view other submissions, feel free to check out NAMI On Grounds’ website.

Submit a piece here.

As Carley highlighted in previous blog posts, NAMI On Grounds is an organization dedicated towards uplifting and sharing different perspectives related to mental health. Our organization is a UVA CIO (Contracted Independent Organization) that focuses on advocacy, education, and support work. An integral part of our mission is representing various experiences and to take an intersectional approach to mental health journeys. Feel free to email namiongrounds@gmail.com with any questions you may have!

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